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Carlsbad City Treasurer to retire before end of term

Post Date:06/06/2024

City Treasurer Craig Lindholm notified the City of Carlsbad of his intent to retire, effective Friday, June 14, 2024. Lindholm joined the city as city treasurer in 2013 and was elected most recently in 2022.   

City officials thank him for his 11 years of public service to the city as treasurer.  

The city treasurer is an elected position that has a term of four years. The city treasurer's office is charged with the design of an effective cash management and investment program for the city and all of its agencies, including the Carlsbad Municipal Water District. 

Carlsbad Municipal Code Section 2.04.110 establishes the procedures for vacancies in the offices of elected officials in the City of Carlsbad. The following is a summary of the code section as it relates to a City Treasurer who retires or resigns from office.  

  • Vacancy by resignation takes effect on the effective date specified in the letter of resignation or, if no effective date is specified, the date upon which the letter of resignation is delivered to the City Clerk. (CMC § 2.04.110(A)(3)(a).)  

  • The City Council must declare the existence of the vacancy or anticipated vacancy as soon as practicable. (CMC § 2.04.110(A)(3).)  

  • If the vacancy is declared with 25 months or more remaining in the term, the City Council must fill the vacancy by calling a special election to be held on the next established election date no less than 114 days after the declaration of vacancy. (CMC § 2.04.110(C).)  

  • For vacancies declared on or before July 14, 2024, the next established election date is November 5, 2024 (Elec. Code, § 1000(e).)  

  • On August 17, 2023, as authorized by California Government Code Section 41006, the City Treasurer appointed the Finance Director as Deputy City Treasurer. The appointment allows the Deputy City Treasurer to perform the duties of the City Treasurer in the absence of the City Treasurer.  

  • As of January 11, 2024, to be eligible to become a candidate for City Treasurer, a person must have a four-year college degree majoring in business administration, public administration, accounting, finance or economics. (CMC § 2.04.040(C)(1).)  

  • Additionally, the person must have:

    • Four years of financial work experience; or

    • A valid certificate from the California State Board of Accountancy to practice as a Certified Public Accountant; or

    • A valid Chartered Financial Analyst credential or a Certificate in Investment Performance Management from the CFA Institute; or

    • A valid Certified Investment Management Analyst certification from the Investments & Wealth Institute; or 

    • A valid Certified California Municipal Treasurer designation from the California Municipal Treasurers Association. (CMC § 2.04.040(C)(2)-(3).)

  • As of Feb. 29, 2024, the compensation for the City Treasurer is $1,187.36 per month, payable biweekly. (CMC § 2.04.020(A).) The City Treasurer also receives an annual auto allowance of $2,400 and the same retirement and health benefits available to unrepresented employees. (CMC §§ 2.04.020(B), 2.04.025.)  

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