Carlsbad CERT

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About CERT

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a nationally supported, locally implemented initiative that teaches people how to better prepare themselves for hazards that may affect their communities. Since 1993, CERT trains the public in basic disaster response skills such as team organization, disaster medical operations, fire safety, and light search and rescue. The ability for CERT volunteers to perform these activities frees up professional responders to focus their efforts on more complex, essential, and critical tasks.

Purpose of CERT

Carlsbad CERT serves a vital role in the emergency preparedness and public safety of our community. Per Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines and local best practices, the stated purpose of Carlsbad CERT is: 

  • To educate volunteers about preparing themselves for hazards that may affect their communities.
  • To provide training in basic disaster response skills, e.g. fire safety.
  • To provide a meaningful opportunity for Carlsbad residents to serve their neighborhoods, city and region.

Carlsbad CERT

Given the region’s persistent threat from wildfire, and the potential risks from earthquake, pandemic flu or other natural or man-made disasters, the Carlsbad Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer program plays a vital role in the City of Carlsbad’s goal to advance emergency preparedness. When large-scale incidents occur, CERT members may provide neighbor-helping-neighbor assistance before the arrival of Carlsbad first responders.

Since its inception in 2008, approximately 300 CERT volunteers have completed training. Carlsbad CERT volunteers are trained in basic first aid, light search and rescue and small fire suppression, and are closely associated with Carlsbad’s Fire Department. CERT volunteer activities are directed by the city’s Assistant Director of Emergency Services. They play a large role in community safety and emergency preparedness awareness and public outreach. Carlsbad CERT’s purpose is to assist the Carlsbad community and residents in emergency preparedness and response. CERT volunteers may not self-deploy, or activate without proper approval. 

If you are interested in joining CERT, please fill out a application. The program is primarily intended for Carlsbad residents.