Memorial Program

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Gifts that last for generations

Dedicating a memorial amenity in the city is a wonderful tribute to a loved one or friend, a unique way to commemorate a special occasion, and provides a gift to the whole community


Designated locations within city parks, trails or rights of way are available for tree planting, benches, barbecues, bike racks or art cairns. Individuals or organizations may work with city staff to choose the right location for the amenity.

Item selection

The location will determine the suitability of the item selected. City staff will work with you to choose an appropriate item and location.


The city will arrange for the installation as well as the maintenance of the memorial. 


For an additional cost, you can choose to order a bronze plaque (5” x 8”) to be placed with the memorial. City staff can recommend a plaque vendor and will install your plaque.

For more information call Parks Maintenance Admin 442-339-2824.


Copenhagen benches

The Copenhagen benches consist of six and half foot-long black cast iron frames and Ipé hardwood slat construction. Inscribed bronze plaque can be installed within the mounting surfaces or adjacent walls. The Copenhagen benches are currently in place within the city’s Ocean Street beach accesses and the downtown street rights of way. 

Donation $1,850

copenhagen bench


Hoop bike racks

The hoop bike racks consist of three-foot-tall black powder coated steel frames and may include laser-cut horizontal face plates, which allow for city slogans such as ‘Bike Carlsbad’ and ‘Bike the Village’. Inscribed bronze plaques can be installed within the mounting surfaces or adjacent walls.  The hoop bike racks are currently in place within the city’s Ocean Street beach accesses, downtown street rights of way, and limited parks. 

Donation $475

bike rack


Pedestal barbecues

The pedestal barbecues consist of three-foot square integral color concrete pedestals, with a cast iron grills and ash depository receptacles. Inscribed bronze plaques could be installed within the mounting surfaces or the concrete pedestals. The pedestal barbecues are currently in place within limited city parks. 

Donation $1,350



Art cairns

Art Cairns – stacked stone sculptures, historically used as memorials with adjoining horizontal or vertical bases for inscribed bronze plaques, families would be provided an option that allows for a collaborative and thoughtful approach to the overall donation process, ultimately creating a designated space that respects the memory of a loved one. 

Donation $2,250

art cairn2art cairn 1


Trees are planted in public parks so everyone can enjoy the shade, beauty and enjoyment a living tree provides. This inspirational gift will grow stronger over time, will be vibrant with life year after year, and will ultimately benefit us all.

  • 5-gallon container tree - $275
  • 24-inch container tree - $475
  • 36-inch container tree - $875
  • 48-inch container tree - $1,350

S.Wells_trees_memprog 001


Park benches

Enhancements to our beautiful city improve the quality of life in our community. Park benches can provide a pleasant place of contemplation for park visitors. They enhance our sense of belonging and community and make our city more enjoyable for everyone. 

Donation $1,150