Leo Carrillo film festival
Leo Carrillo film festival
Leo Carrillo film festival
Leo Carrillo film festival
Leo Carrillo film festival

Bring a low back chair, blanket, and a flashlight and enjoy an evening of nostalgic entertainment under the stars at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Film Festival! See rare historic films from the Golden Age of Hollywood featuring Leo Carrillo and movies that Leo would love while relaxing on a warm summer night at his former ranch.

Friday, Aug. 18, 2023 – In Caliente (1935) (run time: 84 minutes) Not Rated.
A hard-driving, hard-drinking magazine owner Larry MacArthur known for his scathing arts reviews is abducted by a pal and transported to Mexico while in a stupor so that he can reflect on the wisdom of marrying a woman intent on getting her hands on his fortune. He wakes up to the sun, song and gaming of Agua Caliente. There he meets the beautiful Rita Gomez (Dolores del Rio) and her scheming manager (Leo Carrillo). What Larry doesn’t know is that Rita is still smarting from a harsh review Larry gave her in the past. Will love or revenge triumph in this silly tale full of misunderstandings and musical numbers?

Starring: Dolores Del Rio, Pat O’Brien, and Leo Carrillo


Friday, Aug. 25, 2023 – Before Morning (1933) (run time: 56 minutes) Not Rated.

Actress Elsie Manning is engaged to a new beau after a romantic entanglement with a married man. After telling her former lover that she has moved on, he dies in her apartment. In an effort to avoid scandal, her friends make arrangements to move his body to a sanitorium, however, this makes her vulnerable to blackmail by the unscrupulous owner, Dr. Gruelle (Leo Carrillo). When the bad doctor shows up at her apartment along with the dead man’s wife, intrigue and drama ensue with a surprise twist at the end. The movie starts slow, but Leo Carrillo has a plumy part that makes this a great film for Carrillo fans!

Starring: Lora Baxter, Taylor Holmes, and Leo Carrillo 


Friday, Sept. 1, 2023 – The Man From Snowy River (1982) (run time: 105 minutes) Rated PG.
A Film Leo Would Love! 
Set in 1880’s Australia, this family-favorite film from 1982 follows Jim Craig, who loses his father at the beginning of the film and sets off to make his name and fortune in the cattle country below the mountains he calls home. When the ranch-owner where Jim finds work has his prized horse stolen by a band of wild horses that roam the mountains, Jim finds himself in a position to earn a reputation and build his stake for the future at the same time.

Leo would have loved to play the parts that Kirk Douglas made famous in this movie – two very different brothers who once loved the same woman. He also would have loved the familiar western themes of cowboys and wide-open spaces, set in a land worlds down under.

Starring: Kirk Douglas, Tom Burlinson, and Sigrid Thornton


Show includes an episode of "The Cisco Kid" before the main feature if time allows.

The snack bar will feature a selection of gourmet snacks and beverages to enjoy. 

Events may modify or cancel due to inclement weather