The Parks & Recreation Commission consists of seven members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Members must be residents of Carlsbad and normally serve four-year terms. 

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  • Make recommendations to the city council and to advise the council in matters pertaining to the creation, operation, maintenance, management and control of community recreation programs, of playgrounds and indoor and outdoor recreations, activities and facilities
  • Advise and make recommendations to the city council on matters pertaining to planting, trimming, pruning, and care of all trees, shrubs or plants and to the removal of all objectionable trees, shrubs and plants in and upon any park of the city
  • Review tree-related issues and to determine the needs of the city with respect to its tree planting, replacement, maintenance and preservation programs
  • Make recommendations to the city council on policies, regulations or ordinances pertaining to the care and protection of public trees and the selection of specific species of trees for designation along city streets, including the development of a community forest management plan for the city
  • Hear appeals from decisions of the city manager acting through the parks and recreation director or designee, regarding the planting or removal of street trees

Source: Carlsbad Municipal Code, Chapter 2.36


Agendas and supporting materials for the next meeting and meetings over the last three months are linked below. Materials for meetings taking place before that are available on our online public records portal.

How to participate

The city welcomes your involvement. Meetings are open to the public and can be watched live on the city website.

Comment in person

  • Fill out a speaker request form, located in the foyer.
  • Submit the form to the Clerk before the item begins.
  • When it’s your turn, the Clerk will call your name and invite you to the podium.
  • Speakers have three minutes, unless the presiding officer (usually the chair) changes that time.
  • You may not give your time to another person, but groups can select a single speaker as long as three other members of your group are present. Group representatives have 10 minutes unless that time is changed by the presiding officer or the commission.

Comment in writing

  • Email comments to Comments received by 3 p.m. the day of the meeting will be shared with the commission prior to the meeting. When e-mailing comments, please identify in the subject line the agenda item to which your comments relate.
  • All comments received will be included as part of the official record. Written comments will not be read out loud.

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