Village and Barrio Master Plan
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Housing Element plan

Thank you for your interest and investment in our city 

The City of Carlsbad is a coastal city that strives to provide innovative services and diverse business and housing options that improve upon the high quality of life that is expected from our residents, visitors, and business owners. This is accomplished through the forward thinking, community-based land use goals, policies and regulations that are establish by our City Council. The Community Development Department is tasked with implementing these requirements and the divisions of planning, building, land development engineering, and code enforcement all have varying, but pivotal roles in ensuring that new growth and development achieves the city’s long-range vision.

We understand that the land development process can be overwhelming. In response, the department developed resource guides and information bulletins that create a road map for navigating the regulatory and policy framework that will ultimately ensure that your project is a great success. We also offer on-line services that allow you to make an appointment with our development team or submit your permit applications electronically. We look forward to assisting you throughout this process and should you have any questions, please reach out to any one of our staff.