Residents with concerns about speeding are encouraged to contact the city's traffic engineer. The city has several tools to address speeding, depending on the location.

More enforcement

Making an official complaint with the Police Department will help our officers track speeding activity and increase enforcement where needed.

Neighborhood streets 

For traffic safety concerns on neighborhood streets, you can request an evaluation through the Carlsbad Residential Traffic Management Program

The program is designed to address traffic-related concerns through a variety of traffic calming tools. City staff and residents work together to identify problems, solutions and gather the support necessary to ensure the success of any traffic calming plan. 

Phase I: Using less intrusive measures, the program focuses on education, enforcement and traffic calming strategies: 

  • Signage and striping measures
  • Police presence and police enforcement 
  • Engineering tools such as speed limit signs, warning signs, pavement legends and temporary speed feedback signs 

Phase II: If phase I tools do not solve the concern and the minimum critical speed of the street is 32 miles per hour, staff meet with residents who live on the street of concern to design a plan that will need neighborhood consensus to move forward with. Traffic calming strategies can include: 

  • Speed cushions 
  • Traffic circles 
  • Narrowing lanes through striping 
  • Curb extensions

For more information on reducing speeding in your neighborhood, please contact