Working together to maintain the city’s quality of life.

The City of Carlsbad creates and enforces local and certain state laws that regulate people and property in the city. Some of these laws govern land use and quality of life issues, including public nuisances, safety and welfare. The purpose of these laws is to help maintain safe and healthy living and working conditions for the members of the community.

The Code Enforcement Division of the Community Development Department is committed to the important and sometimes sensitive task of protecting and promoting the high quality of life enjoyed by those who live, work and play in the City of Carlsbad. The Division works on issues that range from construction without a permit, unsafe buildings, junk and debris on private properties, recreational and inoperative vehicles parked in front yards, sign standards, property maintenance and noise.

Many projects or uses of private property require approval of a city-issued permit like a discretionary or building permit. We understand that this process can seem daunting. Staff are readily available to guide applicants through this process as expeditiously as possible. For those persons facing an enforcement action, Code Enforcement staff are also available to discuss case details, compliance measures and strategies to minimize penalties and further enforcement action. To help folks navigate and understand the process, the Department created the Code Enforcement Case Prioritization and Process Guide.  Please feel free to review the document and contact the city with any questions. 

Our goal is to ensure compliance with established regulations to protect public health, safety and general welfare and maintain the unique quality of life we enjoy in the City of Carlsbad. We hope that you will do your part to help us achieve this goal together. 

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