Taking good care of streets, the water and sewer system, and other important infrastructure is one way the City of Carlsbad maintains a quality community.

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  • Lake Calavera Trail

    Temporary trail closure

    Sections of the Lake Loop Trail on the south side of Lake Calavera will be closed May 20 through early summer.

    05/15/2024 9:16 AM

  • Newsroom - 2022-10-25T105530.431

    Protecting Carlsbad Boulevard from sea level rise

    This week city staff reported the outcome of a grant-funded project to show how critical infrastructure could be protected from future sea level rise.

    04/26/2024 1:07 PM

  • Barrio public art

    Seeking artists for new public art in the Barrio

    The city is seeking an artist or artist team to develop public art that will be placed in the center of a new traffic circle located in the Barrio.

    04/26/2024 12:24 PM

  • Safe seaside strolling thumbnail

    Safe seaside strolling

    The improvements build on safety features already in place to support safe walking, biking and driving along our coastline.

    04/15/2024 1:51 PM

  • Traffic safety progress update

    Traffic calming explained (and how you can sign up)

    The city has a traffic calming program designed to address neighborhood concerns about speeding in Carlsbad.

    03/29/2024 9:33 AM

  • Photo of water poured into a glass

    Maintaining water supply

    Everyone knows about faucets and pipes, but there is another key piece of infrastructure that makes it possible to get water at home when you turn on the faucet.

    03/04/2024 9:08 AM

  • Safer Streets car sticker

    Tamarack improvements making a difference

    On Tuesday night, the City Council decided to hold off on pursuing a long-term redesign of Tamarack Avenue, recognizing the effectiveness of existing traffic calming measures and responsibility of conserving funds for unknown future construction costs.

    02/29/2024 10:36 AM

  • Sign saying

    Smart water use

    Whenever we see significant rain here in Carlsbad, it’s usually followed by someone saying, “well, we need the water.” While we do always need more water, rain falling in Carlsbad doesn’t have as significant of an effect on our long-term water reliability as you might think.

    02/23/2024 9:24 AM

  • Safer Streets car sticker

    Long-term redesign Tamarack Avenue discussed at City Council

    The Carlsbad City Council will discuss proceeding with a more long-term, permanent change to redesign Tamarack Avenue from Carlsbad Village Drive to Carlsbad Boulevard on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

    02/23/2024 8:48 AM

  • Pickleball thumbnail

    New pickleball courts coming

    Just three and a half months after approving an updated Parks & Recreation Department master plan that showed the increasing popularity of pickleball in Carlsbad, the City Council has approved locations for the design and construction of eight new outdoor courts.

    02/15/2024 9:00 AM

  • RR Park design thumbnail

    Robertson Ranch Park designs

    The City of Carlsbad is asking the community to weigh in on three potential design concepts for Robertson Ranch Park, the city’s newest park, planned for the corner of Cannon Road and El Camino Real.

    01/29/2024 6:30 PM

  • Digital Cities newsroom

    Sand on our beaches

    The latest storms have done a number on our beaches, washing precious sand out to sea and, in some cases, leaving nothing but a bed of rocks behind. This is typical for winter months, with some sand returning during the summer.

    01/18/2024 4:10 PM

  • Road striping explained newsroom

    New striping, same rules of the road

    The city’s transportation staff presented an update to the City Council Tuesday on several projects, including the resurfacing and restriping of major east-west roadways.

    01/12/2024 12:59 PM

  • Road striping explained newsroom

    Explaining the green paint

    Continuing with some quick tutorials on new striping on Carlsbad streets, here’s a focus on green paint. The City of Carlsbad has added green paint in areas where bikes and cars are mostly likely to cross paths.

    01/12/2024 12:59 PM

  • Barrio traffic circle

    Preserved parking prioritized in Barrio

    Based on feedback from the community, the Carlsbad City Council selected curb extensions for two intersections in the Barrio.

    01/11/2024 9:11 AM

  • Chestnut underpass map

    Improving neighborhood connections at Chestnut underpass

    If you’ve driven under I-5 at our neighboring cities to the south, you might have noticed some of the underpasses include artistic features, wide sidewalks and other elements that make them light and inviting.


  • WEBSITE Newsroom (1)

    Have your say: Safe routes to school

    The City of Carlsbad is seeking public input on areas around two schools, Jefferson Elementary School and Sage Creek High School, where enhancements could be made for walking and biking routes.

    01/08/2024 12:48 PM

  • Barrio traffic circle

    Barrio traffic circle update

    The Carlsbad City Council will receive an update on the Barrio traffic circle project and select a traffic calming option for Palm Avenue and Harding Street, and Magnolia Avenue and Madison Street, on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 5 p.m.

    01/04/2024 6:08 PM

  • Copy of Newsroom COVID (2)

    Coastal crosswalks under construction

    Safety enhancements are underway on crosswalks along Carlsbad Boulevard, an area that is a hot spot for injury collisions.

    01/04/2024 6:00 PM

  • Traffic safety progress update

    Traffic safety tips and excellence award

    This holiday season, please give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go and remember to keep an eye out for more people on our roads, especially if it’s raining.

    11/17/2023 11:34 AM

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