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In 2015, the City of Carlsbad was one of the first cities in the county to adopt a qualified Climate Action Plan, or CAP, that outlined strategies and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or GHG. Since then, communitywide GHG inventories and statewide targets have been updated, presenting the opportunity for the city to update its Climate Action Plan and further pursue the community’s goal of promoting a sustainable environment.

Public input

In early 2022, the city asked the public to shape the Climate Action Plan Update by providing input on environmental sustainability needs and priorities. 

View the public engagement summary that highlights key themes and feedback received during Phase 1 of public engagement:

Summary of Phase I Public Engagement for the CAP Update.

This public input was used to help develop a list of proposed actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during Phase 2 of public engagement. The feedback gathered will be used to develop the Climate Action Plan Update, which will be presented to the City Council for approval in mid-2024.