About the Utilities Department 

Carlsbad Municipal Water District provides reliable water and wastewater services for pennies a day, while protecting the natural environment and meeting or exceeding strict water quality requirements. 

Carlsbad Municipal Water District provides water service to most of the City of Carlsbad, but some parts of the city are served by other districts for water and for wastewater. View the maps below to find your provider. For properties in the southern portion of the city, contact the Olivenhain Municipal Water DistrictLeucadia Wastewater District or Vallecitos Water District (water and sewer) for utility service sign-ups, disconnects, installations and payment arrangements. 

Water district map 
Sewer district map 

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    Maintaining water supply

    Everyone knows about faucets and pipes, but there is another key piece of infrastructure that makes it possible to get water at home when you turn on the faucet.

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    Smart water use

    Whenever we see significant rain here in Carlsbad, it’s usually followed by someone saying, “well, we need the water.” While we do always need more water, rain falling in Carlsbad doesn’t have as significant of an effect on our long-term water reliability as you might think.

  • Water utility worker

    Water utility scam alert

    The San Diego County Water Authority is warning community members about scams involving people posing as water agency “workers” to gain access to homes. These scams pop up from time to time, so it’s important to stay vigilant.

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    Top marks for water quality

    The Carlsbad Municipal Water District is proud to release its water quality report for 2022, which shows we are continuing to meet or exceed all state and federal drinking water standards.

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    Water conservation update

    The Carlsbad City Council voted Tuesday to lift some of the water restrictions that have been in effect since June 2022.

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    Recent rain and the drought

    After all the rain we’ve received recently, not just in Carlsbad but throughout California, you might be wondering what it means for the ongoing drought. The short answer is: The rains have helped, but conservation is still needed.

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    Save water with new virtual program

    Carlsbad has long been a leader in water conservation, recycled water and desalination, and now a new program is available for those who want to find ways to save even more water.

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    Carlsbad Conserves

    Even with recent rain and more in the forecast, California remains in an historic ongoing drought. In Carlsbad, conservation will always be important and the city continues to be a regional leader in water conservation and recycled water.

  • Smart irrigation month

    July is smart irrigation month

    The City of Carlsbad is encouraging residents and businesses to complete a quick irrigation tune-up during smart irrigation month to help save water, lower their water bills, prevent runoff and earn rebates.

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    Water quality gets top marks

    The Carlsbad Municipal Water District has released its latest water quality report, which shows we are meeting or exceeding all state and federal drinking water standards.

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    New water conservation actions

    To meet state regulatory requirements and respond to statewide drought conditions, the Carlsbad Municipal Water District asks residents and businesses to take additional actions to save even more water.

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    Update on California drought

    After calls for voluntary conservation did not produce enough water savings, last week the state issued a new requirement that all water agencies implement additional conservation measures.