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Getting around Carlsbad safely and conveniently  

Traffic and mobility are always top of mind for the City of Carlsbad, and the city is committed to helping everyone get around the city in a safe and convenient way, whether by foot, car, bike or public transit.

Six strategies for safe holiday driving

Post Date:12/12/2023

Carlsbad may not get snow, but this week’s forecast calls for flurries of holiday traffic and swells of shoppers. Keep these tips in mind to help you enjoy the season and make Carlsbad’s streets safer for everyone.

  1. Practice patience. Stop at crosswalks, stay alert and use extra caution when entering and exiting parking spaces.
  2. Be a courteous navigator. Use your turn signals, check your blind spots, obey all traffic signals, and be kind to other drivers who may be unfamiliar with the area.
  3. Take it slow. Reduce your speed by 5 mph to help prevent injury collisions and make your journey more relaxed.
  4. Embrace holiday cheer, eliminate distractions. Put down your phone, soak in the festive atmosphere and drive with a clear focus.
  5. Give riders ample space. Check for bikes and e-bikes before opening your vehicle door or merging into a bike lane to make a turn.
  6. Take a breath and release holiday stress. Calm, focused driving helps maintain Carlsbad’s safe, friendly environment.

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