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The City Council's Legislative Subcommittee regularly reviews pending legislation affecting Carlsbad to ensure our city's interests are represented. The city takes a formal position on or sponsors certain legislation, based on the City Council's legislative platform. 

AB 817 (Pacheco) Open meetings: teleconferencing: subsidiary body

City Position: Support

Would, until January 1, 2026, authorize a subsidiary body to use teleconferencing subject to certain requirements for notice, agenda, and public participation, and subject to an authorizing vote of the governing legislative body. 

AB 1802 (Jones-Sawyer) – Organized Theft

City Position: Support

Would extend the operation of the crime of organized retail theft until January 1, 2031 (a person is guilty of organized retail theft, punishable as a misdemeanor or a felony, if the person acts in concert with others to steal merchandise with the intent to sell or return the merchandise for value; receive, purchase, or possess merchandise knowing or believing it to have been stolen; or acts as an agent of another to steal merchandise from one or more merchant’s premises or online marketplaces as part of an organized plan to commit theft; or recruits, coordinates, organizes, supervises, directs, manages, or finances another to undertake acts of theft). 

AB 2234 (Boerner) Vehicles: electric bicycles

City Position: Sponsor 

Would prohibit a person under 12 years of age from operating an electric bicycle of any class. Would, commencing July 1, 2025, require a person who does not possess a valid driver’s license to have a skills waiver issued by the state, and a valid state-issued ID card in their immediate possession when operating an electric bicycle of any class. 

AB 2715 (Boerner) Ralph M. Brown Act: closed sessions

City Position: Sponsor

Would authorize a closed session to consider or evaluate matters related to cybersecurity. 

AJR 12 – Tijuana River: cross-border pollution

City Position: Support

Would urge the United States Congress to support President Biden’s $310 M supplemental funding request for the United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission due to the ongoing impacts to public health, the environment, and the local economy caused by cross-border pollution in the Tijuana River Valley and would urge President Biden to declare a national emergency due to those ongoing impacts. 

SB 689 (Blakespear) Local coastal program: bicycle lane: amendment

City Position: Support

Would provide that an application by a local government to convert an existing motorized vehicle travel lane into a dedicated bicycle lane shall not require a traffic study for the processing of either a coastal development permit or an amendment to a local coastal program. If an amendment to a local coastal program is required, it shall be de-minimus, if the executive director of the CA Coastal Commission makes specified determinations. 

SB 905 – Unlawful Entry of a Vehicle

City Position: Support

Would establish that a person who forcibly enters a vehicle with the intent to commit a theft therein is guilty of unlawful entry of a vehicle. Would also establish that a person who unlawfully possesses property that was acquired through one or more acts of theft from a vehicle, unlawful entry of a vehicle, burglary of a locked vehicle, or vehicle tampering, whether or not the person committed the act of theft, burglary, or vehicle tampering, is guilty of automotive property theft for resale when certain conditions apply. 

SB 1011 – Encampments: penalties

City Position: Support

Would prohibit a person from sitting, lying, sleeping, or storing, using, maintaining, or placing personal property upon a street or sidewalk if a homeless shelter is available to the person; and within 500 feet of a public or private school, open space, or major transit stop.