Legislative Platform and Intergovernmental Affairs

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The City of Carlsbad legislative platform provides a foundation for the Intergovernmental Affairs Program and enables the city to efficiently and effectively address intergovernmental and legislative matters affecting the city.

City Council Legislative Subcommittee

By establishing a standing City Council Legislative Subcommittee, the city has significantly enhanced its capacity to monitor, analyze and respond to a steadily increasing stream of new legislation and an increasingly complex network of relationships existing among governmental agencies at the federal, state and local level.

The subcommittee works in coordination with the Intergovernmental Affairs Director, City Manager’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, city departments, legislative consultants and the Carlsbad community to:

  • Advise the City Council on intergovernmental and legislative matters affecting the city;
  • Monitor and recommend advocacy positions on state and federal proposed legislation;
  • Identify local and regional legislative needs; and
  • Engage and inform the community on intergovernmental and legislative matters affecting the city.

Legislative Subcommittee meetings are held at 9 a.m. on the second Tuesday of each month and are publicly noticed and accessible to the public.

Legislative Platform

The purpose of the Legislative Platform is to clearly express the city's position on, and provide a basis for prioritizing and acting upon, a broad range of intergovernmental and legislative matters that may impact the city's ability to operate effectively. The City Council adopted the following Guiding Principles and Legislative Priorities for 2024:

Guiding principles

Preserve local control — The city supports the broadest authority for our citizens and the City Council to make decisions and provide public services locally. As cities are voluntarily created by the residents of a community to provide local self-government and to make decisions at the local level to best meet the diverse needs of the community, the city opposes preemption of local control.

Maintain fiscal responsibility — The city supports legislative and budget measures that protect and enhance its existing funding sources, revenue base and control over local government budgeting. The city opposes efforts to shift local funds to the county, state or federal governments, diminish its revenue base or impose new mandates that are unfunded or inadequately funded.

Protect quality of life — The city supports state legislation and funding that preserve the safety, security, cultural resources and well-being of our residents, workers, businesses and visitors. The city opposes efforts that would negatively impact the infrastructure, public health and safety, community development, equitable community services, cultural integrity and environmental programs and other city efforts to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Carlsbad. 

Position statements adopted in the 2024 Legislative Platform guide the city’s advocacy efforts on matters pertinent to the following areas of city business:

Community Services
Environmental Quality
Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations
Housing, Community and Economic Development
Public Safety
Revenue and Taxation
Transportation, Communication and Public Works

The city’s advocacy efforts will focus primarily on advancing the strategic goals adopted by the City Council, including:

Community Character
Quality of Life & Safety
Sustainability & the Natural Environment
Economic Vitality
Organizational Excellence & Fiscal Health

The Legislative Platform will be reviewed annually by the City Council Legislative Subcommittee and amended as needed by the City Council.

Jason Haber, intergovernmental affairs director, 442-339-2958 or jason.haber@carlsbadca.gov

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