Bulky Item Collection

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Do you know what to do with larger items that are broken or no longer needed in your home?

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  • Consider donating or reselling. If an item is in good condition, try to find it a new home. Have a garage sale, post it on a “buy nothing” page or donate to a local charity. 
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  • Repair broken items. Save money and help the environment by fixing broken items instead of replacing them. Get help repairing bicycles, small appliances and more at a local Fixit Clinic. 


If these items are beyond repair and too large to fit in your waste cart, consider a bulky item pickup.

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  • Schedule a bulky item pickup. If you can’t donate, sell or repair your items, Republic Services offers a bulky item pickup service. Residents receive three bulky item pickups a year, with up to five items picked up each time. Call 760-332-6464 to schedule. 
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  • Make sure items are eligible for pickup. Acceptable items are typically too large to fit in your curbside cart and weigh less than 200 pounds, such as appliances (including refrigerators), furniture, carpet, mattresses, etc. View the acceptable items listed below. 
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  • Prepare items for pickup. Wrap mattresses in plastic or place them in a mattress-disposal cover. Disassemble items like home gyms or swing sets and bundle them for easy handling. Cut carpet down to 4 feet in length and bundle. Ensure items are placed in the location specified when scheduling. View the special handling section below.