Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

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Rental Assistance (formerly known as "Section 8")

As a Public Housing Agency (PHA), the city administers the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, a federally funded rental assistance program that helps pay rent for qualified low income residents. This program is currently full and the wait list is closed. Please check back for when the wait list reopens, it will be advertised in the media and online.


Participant Responsibilities (not limited to):

  • Pay rental portion in accordance with the rental agreement and family obligations 
  • Notify the Carlsbad Housing Agency and property owner/agent of any changes in the household by submitting a change form (English and Spanish) 
  • Pay for utilities and services as outlined in the rental agreement
  • Keep the unit clean and undamaged
  • Not engage in any illegal activities
  • Be responsible for the actions of guest(s)
  • Allow access to the unit for repairs
  • Refrain from disturbing others
  • Only allow occupants on the rental agreement to reside in the unit
  • Abide by the terms of the Housing Choice Voucher, the rental agreement, federal regulations and applicable Carlsbad Housing Agency administrative policies

Payment Standards and Utility Allowance Schedules:

Payment Standards effective Jan. 1, 2024 for Carlsbad zip codes 92008, 92009, 92010 and 92011 are listed below. These amounts are gross rent estimates. The Carlsbad Housing Agency (CHA) considers tenant-paid utilities when reviewing rental amount requests. Please see the CHA's Utility Allowance Schedules.

Zip Code                              92008                  All others 92009, 92010 & 92011

 Studio  $2,510  $2,550
 1 Bedroom  $2,710  $2,750
 2 Bedroom  $3,430  $3,470
 3 Bedroom  $4,600  $4,700
 4 Bedroom  $5,600  $5,700
 5 Bedroom  $6,440  $6,555


Moving out of Carlsbad to another city/Housing Agency:

  • Submit a written 30-day notice to the owner/agent of your current rental unit and a copy to the Carlsbad Housing Agency;
  • If you are breaking the lease, obtain the owner’s written permission. Both the tenant(s) and owner must sign a Mutual Rescission of Lease Agreement and submit the form to the Housing Agency;
  • Complete a Request to Utilize Portability form and submit it to the Carlsbad Housing Agency.

*Any money that is owed to this or any housing agency must be resolved before the tenant moves.

Note: Each housing agency sets its own payment and occupancy standards. Participants may not be issued the same bedroom size at the new agency. Be sure to check with the new housing agency before securing a rental unit.

Moving to Carlsbad from another city/Housing Agency:

Contact your original housing agency to request your voucher be sent to Carlsbad and be sure to let them know that Carlsbad is "billing." Once your documents are received at Carlsbad, a Housing Assistant will contact you to complete the process.


QUESTIONS? Please call our office at 442-339-2810