Fire & Life Safety

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Under the Community Risk Reduction Bureau, the Fire & Life Safety Division focuses on mitigating risks within the community by providing education about the benefits of proper safety practices and identification and reduction of all types of hazardous conditions, which may pose a threat to life, the environment and property. Through education, engineering, enforcement and evaluation, risk reduction has proven to be the most effective way to impact fire losses.

To meet this goal, the Fire & Life Safety Division's responsibilities include:

  • Plan checks and inspections of building construction
  • Routine inspection of existing buildings 
  • Investigation of fire and safety code complaints and violations
  • Testing of fire protection systems
  • Hazard reduction inspections in the Wildland Urban Interface
  • Fire investigations
  • Public education
  • Special event inspections
  • Fire code enforcement

If you have any questions about permits and plan checking or need to schedule an inspection, please call 442-339-2660.

The City of Carlsbad works with the community to help prevent fires and other emergencies. Here are some important safety tips: