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The Carlsbad Fire Department is proud to launch FireSafe Carlsbad, a new cost-free community risk reduction program for businesses with commercial cooking operations.

Did you know...

  • Commercial cooking operations have an inherent fire risk.
  • Cooking equipment is the leading cause of fires in restaurants, accounting for more than 60% of fires.
  • Improper cleaning methods were a factor in nearly 1/4 of fires.

FireSafe Carlsbad was developed to support the local business community by: 

  • Protecting businesses from financial loss due to fire.
  • Reducing the risk of on-site injury caused by fire and fire hazards.

How FireSafe Carlsbad can help

The FireSafe Carlsbad program takes a two-part approach focused on education and inspections. City of Carlsbad staff from the Fire & Life Safety Division will: 

1. Provide cost-free training to business owners and their staff on fire prevention methods.

  • We offer a four-part commercial kitchen safety video series, linked in our Resources section, for staff to access at any time.
  • We also provide hands-on fire extinguisher training where staff will learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Attendees will also have the opportunity to practice putting out fires using a live fire prop.

2. Perform cost-free fire inspections of commercial kitchens to confirm adequate maintenance of fire protection systems and to identify hazards that should be corrected.

Why participate in FireSafe Carlsbad?

The FireSafe Carlsbad program is completely voluntary, but greatly encouraged for businesses with commercial cooking operations. 

Program Benefits 

  • Fire Prevention 
  • Education and hands-on training 
  • Promotes safety amongst business staff and patrons
  • Program certificate of completion and window sticker demonstrating commitment to safety and fire prevention

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