Environmental sustainability is a key priority for City Council. As a result, the city developed an ambitious plan that complies with new statewide environmental regulations and incorporates additional city laws, or ordinances, to increase sustainable habits across the city.

New city laws

As part of the plan, the new ordinances: 

  • Require restaurants to offer reusable items whenever possible and provide only single-use products that can break down in the ocean, such as compostable products certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) or ASTM.
  • Ban the use of plastic bags for retailers and restaurants.
  • Ban the intentional release of mylar and latex balloons.
  • Ban plastic water bottles and other single-use plastic beverage bottles on all city properties and at city events.

CoCSustainability-Timeline-HorizontalThese ordinances were established in addition to new state mandates that require the collection and composting of organic materials like food and yard waste.