Veterans Memorial Park Public Art Advisory Subcommittee Application

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Information for applicants

Thank you for your interest in serving the City of Carlsbad as a member of a Public Art Advisory Subcommittee. Members of these appointed bodies are a critical part of our local government, providing insight, expertise and community input.


The City of Carlsbad’s Art in Public Places Program has been in place since 1985 and is the guiding document for permanent public art in the city. The program is administered by the city’s Cultural Arts Office and linked to the city’s Capital Improvement Program budget and plan, and guides the entire process, from artist selection through to final installation of the work. One of the initial steps articulated in the program is the formation of a Public Art Advisory Subcommittee, which includes interested community members. These subcommittees play an important role, reviewing proposals from artists and ultimately voting to select the artist for each public art project.   

The city is seeking volunteers for a subcommittee for the following permanent public art project:

Veterans Memorial Park public art

This public art piece will be featured on the upper plateau of what will become the city’s largest park once completed. Veterans Memorial Park will also become a dedicated place to recognize and honor the nation’s veterans, the first such location in Carlsbad. In community input workshops and surveys, many commented that Veterans Memorial Park could be linked by a common desire for a space that addresses physical, emotional and environmental health. Veterans Memorial Park will become that critical connection point between land and people, self and others, young and old, seekers and wanderers, and history to the present day. It will truly be a public space that embraces overlapping needs and desires. As a site-specific piece, the public art located at the scenic upper plateau of the park will serve as a truly special way to honor and evoke the spirit of those who have served our country.

Requirements to serve

Applicants do not need to be art experts (although art experts will be on the committee). You just need to have an interest in shaping this future public art to honor those who have served our country. Members will be selected by Cultural Arts staff. 

Applicants must be:

a. Willing to represent the local community’s interest in a public art project.
b. Willing to familiarize themselves with the public art process.
c. Available to attend up to two evening meetings between January and April 2024, which will be held in the City Council Chamber, 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive. Additional meetings may be needed.

The deadline to apply is Monday, Dec. 18.

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