Home Security

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Most crimes are a result of opportunity. Leaving a home unsecured increases the risk of burglary, theft and other crime. By taking the time to secure the home, it can reduce the opportunity for most crime.

There are five elements that contribute to reducing the risk of residential crime:

  1. Surveillance – the ability for people to see and be seen
  2. Lighting – inside and out, on timers or sensors when it starts to get dark
  3. Physical security – locks and hardware
  4. Traces of activity – making it appear someone is home all the time
  5. Neighborhood collaboration, also known as “Neighborhood Watch”

For more detailed information about landscaping, lighting, physical security and other actions residents can take to minimize the likelihood of being victimized, view the Home Security Guide.

If you are planning a vacation, review these additional Vacation Security Tips to safeguard your home while you are gone.

Learn more about home security by watching this three part video series: