Vehicle Security

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Working Together to Prevent Crime

Following a few simple steps can greatly reduce the likelihood of a vehicle burglary or theft.

  • Lock it: Always lock vehicle and take the keys, including in driveway and garage. Lock the trunk and close all the windows. Lock vehicle at quick stops like the gas stations, convenience stores or ATM machines.

  • Park carefully: Park in the garage if available. If not, park where vehicle can be seen from a window. Park in attended parking lots when possible. Never attach a tag with name and address to key ring. Park in well-lighted areas with people around.

  • Add an anti-theft device: Alarm systems, steering wheel locks and kill switches all decrease the risk of vehicle theft.

  • Clean it out: Do not leave anything in a vehicle. This includes cell phones, briefcases, purses, wallets, change, clothes, laptop computers, credit cards, garage door openers and anything else a thief can use. The vehicle code requires that vehicle registration be present in car, but it should be hidden well. Vehicle registration and a garage door opener are the keys to a home.

  • Mark it: Use an engraver to etch California Driver’s License Number on stereos and other valuable items. Record vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number and keep in a safe place. Also, engrave vehicle identification number on different vehicle parts to prevent theft.

  • Report activity: Be alert to suspicious activity like someone loitering in the neighborhood, especially if someone is looking into vehicle windows. Be alert to sounds. Most vehicle burglars steal things by breaking a car window. While it is happening, report suspicious activity to the Police Department.