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To help protect businesses and other property owners from unlawful trespassers, the City of Carlsbad Police Department participates in a Trespass Arrest Authorization Program.

By completing the Trespass Arrest Authorization Form, owners, managers, or tenants of a property authorize police officers to arrest and remove any person present on their property without lawful business. To participate in the program, your property must meet the following guidelines

  1. Trespass Arrest Authorization Form must be signed by the business and/or property owner or the owner’s authorized agent. The Letter is valid for a maximum period of twelve (12) months unless an end date of less than 12 months is specified. It is your responsibility to submit a new Letter at the end of the twelve-month period if the need still exists.
  2. Your property must be posted with a sign prohibiting trespassing when property is closed to the public, closed during certain specified times, and/or access is limited to owners, tenants, or invited guests.
  3. During regular business hours, you or your agent will be required to sign a citizen’s arrest form to arrest a trespasser on your property.

In addition to these requirements, you may also be required to appear in court as a witness if a person is arrested on your property for trespassing.

The Police Department is committed to partnering with the community to protect property and/or businesses. To participate in the Trespass Arrest Authorization Program, please complete the form and email it to

Also, please review the Homelessness Guide for Businesses

If you have questions, please email