You Are Not Alone Program

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The You Are Not Alone Program is a free service for City of Carlsbad seniors who live alone and would benefit from a daily check on their welfare. The goal of YANA is to help clients feel safer while continuing to live independently. Members of the Police Department’s senior volunteer patrol make daily phone calls or visits to each of the YANA clients.

Each morning Tuesday through Saturday, a volunteer phones the YANA client. A daily log is kept to verify that contact was made and to note any special requests or information. For instance, the YANA client may say he or she will not be available for calls the following day due to a doctor’s appointment.

If a YANA enrollee does not respond, the volunteer repeats the call over a limited time period. If there continues to be no response, the senior volunteer patrol will go to the YANA client’s residence for a welfare check. If they see a problem or still cannot make contact, a police officer is called to the scene immediately, and emergency medical aid may be summoned.

Monday is usually visiting day for the YANAs. Instead of a phone call, each YANA client gets a personal visit from the senior patrol. This brings a more personal touch to the program, and ensures that the YANA client’s home and physical appearance are monitored. Anything out of the ordinary is logged and reported. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, in person visits have been temporarily stopped.

To register as a YANA client, a senior must complete a short request form, participate in an interview with the YANA coordinator, have an emergency contact person, and be willing and able to respond to phone calls and weekly home visits.

To enroll a Carlsbad resident in the program, call the City of Carlsbad Police Department’s senior volunteer patrol at 442-339-2214.