Department Facts

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The City of Carlsbad Police Department employs 184 full-time personnel. Part-time positions are limited and add up to an equivalent of 2.8 full-time employees. Of the 184 authorized full-time positions, 132 are sworn and 52 are civilian.

The sworn positions are distributed by rank as follows:


The City of Carlsbad Police Department General Fund budget for FY 2021-22 is $47 million.

Personnel expenses are 77 percent of the department's annual General Fund budget. Personnel costs include salary, benefits, overtime, and workers compensation. Benefits costs include items such as retirement, disability, health insurance and life insurance.

Maintenance and operation expenses include ongoing costs associated with running the department that are not salary and benefits and are 22 percent of the annual budget. Examples include police vehicle maintenance, printing and utilities.

Capital outlay expenses are large, one-time expenditures for items such as technology and equipment and are less than 1 percent of the annual budget.

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